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Kanoni is located in the southern part of Paleopolis peninsula. It was named Kanoni when the French artillery was established there in 1798. One of the artillery’s cannons still stands at the tourist kiosk. In front of Kanoni is the Monastery of Vlacherna, linked to the mainland by a cement dock and built in the 17th century. From there one can visit Pontikonisi. According to Homer, this was the ship of Ulysses that was petrified by Poseidon during a storm and then the legendary castaway was found in the island of Phaiakes. The spectacular view from Kanoni inspired the German painter Böcklin to draw "The Isle of the Dead". This location is the most charming part of the island and it has always been the place where all the island’s inhabitants love to promenade.  From Kanoni one can admire the blue color of the sea blending with the colors of the horizon at any time of the day. It is worth mentioning that the view of the plane landing at Ioannis Kapodistrias Airport is breathtaking; Not only locals but also visitors love to enjoy this spectacular view.